Following some simple rules before you start your own company can prevent you getting into the hands of attorneys or court cases filed as a result of your company violating Australia’s Employment laws. Here are some simple rules to follow;

Point 1: Carefully check that you actually need a new employee for your business and do not uselessly hire employees which may later put a burden on your business and you may regret your decision.

Point 2: Make sure that you give yourself time to decide which employee will best suit your business. Take your time to write the job description and the skills required in your new employee making the selection criteria easy for you and helping in evaluating employee performance

Point 3: Make sure that all the paper work describing the contract of the new employee is in place before he starts working which includes all the compensations, leaves or pay scale at which the employee will be hired. It is stupid to devise a contract after hiring the employee.

Point 4: Check the relevant policies you need to include before hiring the employee which should include the law of Australia, an up to date version and let your employee know about these e.g. terms and conditions of the contract etc.
Point 5: Always follow the National Employment standard in terms of hiring the employees and make sure you set the minimum requirements as normally set, this will prevent legal action against you in future cases.

Point 6: Devise a strategy for the Minimum Employment Period during which the contract can be terminated in case you do not like the performance of the employee, so that the chance of any legal action against you or your company is minimized.


Point 7: In case of any misconduct or bad behavior by the employee, you need to have regular meeting giving warnings about the rules of the office and make sure you keep the record of all the meetings to present in case of future legal defense.

Point 8: If you are an equal opportunity employer, then prove to be one and do not discriminate your employees and take necessary actions if your one employee is showing discrimination against others. Treat your employees fairly as you would like to be treated. Do not be hasty in setting contracts or taking decisions.